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Crítica exposición: Atles i altres Cartografies, Galeria Tagomago, Barcelona.
Consider this: “map” is to “territory” as “fic­tion” is to “reality.” Israel Ariño’s images work the same way. His delicate black and white photographs undoubtedly have a connection with reality; they belong to a universe which is familiar to us, yet looking at these images, we realize this universe is not our own, as if the artist has mapped his feelings through photography to build a parallel world.

There is a sense of strangeness that envel­ops the images. Maybe it is Ariño’s ability to capture and transform nature: trees, rivers, wild animals, even the stars seem to be no longer from this world, as if they were hiding the secret meaning of life. Such is the power of Ariño’s poetic vision – a beautiful, timeless and dreamlike universe, built on fortuitous discovery, experience, obsession and emotion.

Ariño’s current exhibition Atles i altres cartografies is a selection of his latest works. The exhibition is organized in three rooms, each containing a different approach to understanding his images: first, vegetation and darkness invade everything, afterwards light appears and reveals a symbolic world, and fi­nally everything is divided into smaller images nailed to the wall.

The exhibition comes hot on the heels of the publication of two exceptional photo­books of Ariño’s works by Barcelona-based, independent publishers Ediciones Anómalas. Atlas is a complete series with a limited print run of three hundred copies, all signed and number. And then there is Terra Incognita, probably the most daring book to date from the editorial house, an excellent work pub­lished on newsprint.

If you like Israel Ariño’s work, whether or not you are collect photography, do not hesitate picking up a copy of these books. You won’t regret it.

Sandra Arnáiz Ibáñez


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